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It’s Friday and the weekend is looming.

Behind on many jobs that I need to get done around the house, particularly pressing is replacing the felt roof on my shed. It blew off in the summer and I tacked it back. I now have the materials but the shed is in a corner of the garden, with a wall tightly around it. I think the original owners built it and then moved it into place. God only knows how I’m going to get around the roof to get the felt all nailed down.

Anyway, it must be done.

So, sure enough, the weather this weekend is due to be… rainy. As it is right now. Actually, no, right now it’s lashing it down with rain and there’s lightning occasionally flashing through the windows. Pah. Typical. It’s got to be done before the winter, though.

Meantime, my mate Luis has arranged for us to go a-boozing tonight. I hope the hangover isn’t too bad or I won’t get anything done this weekend!