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Copy+ LogoNow, I don’t have Sky but I have in the past and I understand why it’s so popular. In particular Sky+, which provides recording to a hard drive.

If you’re lucky enough to have the latter and regularly fill up the hard drive that’s in it, apart from needing to get a life, you’ll probably also be thinking of upgrading it. Yes, you can do this yourself, although it does invalidate the year long warrantee that Sky provide on their boxes.

Anyway, assuming you do want to do this, and assuming you’re the kind of person who does have stupid numbers of recording on their hard drive (and hence need to upgrade), you’re also unlikely to ever get to the point where you have nothing left on your existing hard drive left to watch. So taking the old one out and plugging in a new, blank, one probably doesn’t appeal.

Step forward Stuart McConnachie – friend and work colleague. He’s written a piece of software, named Copy+, which will copy an existing Sky hard drive to a new one. You just need to be able to plug both into a PC, so the software can “do it’s thang”. Oh, and it’s FREE.

He started a website for it, but web development not being his area of expertise, it wasn’t, erm, very good. So, wanting to build up my own portfolio of websites, I volunteered. Designed and hosted by my good self (but content by Stuart), the site provides all the information you could ask for on the software and how to use it.

So, if you’re in a position of needing to update your Sky HD, then the site is will recommended.

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