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One Cup Cafetiere

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smart_cafe_mug_cafetiereAs an IT geek it’s my duty, I feel, to drink coffee and to do so from anything other than your standard porcelain mug.

So, I use a one-cup Cafetiere. It’s plastic so looks and feels naff but I’ve convinced at least 2 people at work to buy them, and many others are envious of the coffee aromas drifting from my desk. It quite literally is a proper cafetiere – you fill it with “proper” ground coffee, leave hot water swishing about inside it for 10 minutes and then press the plunger.

The only problem I’ve found, long term, is the rubber seal around the outside of the “plunger” wearing after a while – coffee grounds then start to seep through into the coffee. At this point it’s time to buy another!

And a bargain at only £5, from Cookware Online, amongst other places. You know you want one.


It’s plastic and doesn’t look particularly pretty, but it makes a damn decent cup of coffee for not much money!

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One Cup Cafetiere

One Cup Cafetiere


8.0 /10

The Ups

  • Cheap
  • Make a good quality cup of coffee
  • Keeps the coffee hot

The Downs

  • Seal eventually erodes

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  1. You do have an interesting outlook on life and things in general. I’m not a IT Geek by any means, in fact I stumble through the simplest things but I also do not drink my coffee out of the good old coffee mug…lol I have enjoyed your blogs.

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