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I only realised today that maybe describing the weekend as “looming” was a bit negative. In fact I meant the opposite – and it’s Monday, which is very, very depressing.

I got a little tipsy Friday night, played a lot of Lego Star Wars and Liberty City Stories. Then Luis broke out a Megadrive that he’d bought that very evening. With Sonic. Bliss.

Saturday I was hungover. And I hadn’t drank THAT much – it’s just been a while since I drank generally. The shed roof idea went to pot. Sunday it rained so the shed didn’t get looked at again. Early Saturday morning, unable to sleep more than 5 hours, I made loads of changes to my various websites. Which then broke them. So 9am on Saturday morning, hungover, I was fixing, desperately, PHP files. Grrr.

One other “fun” thing that happened Friday night was my car breaking down. I drove up to Luis’ house, having promised to take his girlfriend and her friend to a nearby town, we got into the car and… nothing. Lights were on but nothing was at home. The key turned to the sound of nothingness. Not even a click. Embarrassed, my friends found an alternative lift and I rang my Tesco breakdown services. An hour I was told. Good drinking time wasted, but never mind. I tried the car a couple more times and it was just the same. After about 40 minutes it suddenly started. I thought I’d wait for the breakdown guys to appear anyway, in case there was anything they could fix (or at least find to explain what happened). But after 70 minutes, no one was in site. And it was raining. So I rang Tesco and cancelled.

Luis thought my starter motor may have stuck (a suggestion that members of a Renault forum have agreed with). Anyway, I parked my car in a local pub park (my breakdown doesn’t cover me for home starts, which is why I left it about a mile from my house). Saturday morning I picked it up and it’s been fine since.

I have been advised to check the leads and general connectors to the starter motor, though, just in case one is lose. All I need to do now is work out where the damn starter motor is…

Meantime, I spent much of the weekend, instead of fixing shed roofs, playing Lego Star Wars 2. Again. I’m at 60%+ with invulnerability.

Now, will someone remind me to sort out my Blog labels. Oh, and those links at the top of the page. Must do it, must do it…

Other than that, my plan for today is to thoroughly check my websites for any other issues I might have caused.

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