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Well, work may still suck but, away from all that, I’m happy.

Our theatre groups next show is Viva Mexico and, for the first time since joining, I won’t be “treading the boards”. After 10 months of Jesus Christ Superstar I needed a rest from it all. Never-the-less I made myself available to help out “behind the scenes”. Except nobody seemed to be interested.

So last week I was chuffed to be asked by the shows Director to be a stagehand.

Last night, that moved up a notch when I was promoted to Stage Manager.

It’s a bit terrifying – you’re responsible for the Health & Safety aspects as well as generally everything that goes on, stage wise, during a show. With a pair of headphones on you have to communicate with lighting and sound engineers, as well as the conductor, and ensure the smooth running of the actual show. The Director has done his job up to this point and can sit down and enjoy the fruits of his labour – for the stage manager the hard work begins, and can make or break the success of a performance.

Well, that’s my take on it anyway. It’s responsibility and I like it.

Tomorrow and Saturday we will be building the set.

As web designer, I got the website updated yesterday with the latest photos, so that’s out of the way.

Meantime, as chief poster designer I’ve got changes to make to the posters for our next show and next years concerts.

It’s suddenly got busy…

(The only thing that does still suck, other than work, are cars – now my hazard warning indicators have stopped working. I think the switch has bust. So another trip to the garage for me…)

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