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As the geek I am, I often hang around various technical forums. Usually those inhabited by your average Joe, seeking help, than the real tech-heads.

Anyway, I’m often amazed at those people, at the point of paranoia, desperately trying to get rid of cookies from their browsing, as if they’re incredibly unsafe and causing major problems with their computers. One I read recently, was how, after logging out a site, when they return it still shows their username, and asks them to log back in first. They want it to completely forget about them when they log out.

But why? This wasn’t a porn site, or anything the least bit dodgy. If someone found you’d be on this site, it wouldn’t cause the least issue with anyone.

Well it’s the medias fault, it’s got to be. They wip the public into a frenzy over anything and everything that’s actually, well, not really an issue at all. We’re all being spied on, it’s Big Brother , they know what you’re doing… yadda yadda yadda

Which is probably why Google keeps getting a hard time these days. I think these guys are great. But some people just won’t have it – there’s got to be something more sinister going on. So, for example, if you use Gmail (I do – it’s great), their computers scan your mails so that they can target their ads at you more appropriately. That’s how they make their money and can offer you such great services free of charge. Naturally, there are many people who think it’s not that straight and people at Google are actually reading your email. Or sending it onto government agencies.

Me? Well, I don’t have anything they’d be interested in anyway. But lets be honest – any email company could be doing that if they want, including your ISP provided email account.

You could burst a blood vessel worrying about such things and in the big scheme of things it’s not really that important. Google say they’re not evil and, call me a fool, I believe them. And, yes, my browsers are set to accept all cookies.

There are more things in life to get worried about. And believe me, if it can be worried about I probably do…

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