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Went to the car park after work…. the car was dead. Bum. Rocked the car in gear and it started. Hurrah. Now I’ve got to get it booked in at the dealer at (probable) great expense. I did take a look under the bonnet when I got home but the picture of my cars started motor didn’t match what Luis thought. But then again nothing under the bonnet matched the picture.

So, assuming Luis was right, I had a careful look. The forums I chatted on suggested that this can also be down to corroded contacts – sure enough it was pretty rusty. So I got a wire brush and gave it a rub. Until I hit another contact at the same time as the other and made my own little firework display. So I gave up on the wire brush and nuked it with WD40. Let’s see if that’s any better in my non-mechanical world.

Anyway, I’m now officially going up in the world as I have… a gardener. Oh yes. I hate gardening so it’s a bit of a tip – now I can have neatly trimmed bushes (steady madam).

And last, but by no means least, I’ve sorted out the Blog – the links have gone down the right side (and how many?) and the labels have been organised.