Passport. RIP.

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wdfPassport_PortableMy devoted 40gb WD Passport Drive is no longer with us.

I accidentally dropped it onto concrete from about 5ft on Friday and it’s now rather broken. I use it to ferry personal data between work and home (I get a lot of my web development work done during my lunchtimes at work, for example).

I do back it up, but I’ve not done it for a couple of weeks (I know, I know – I’ll sort that out now) so it’s been a slow job of recreating any changes. There’s still work to do, and some stuff I’ll have lost. Oh well.

And on order from Amazon is a shiny new replacement drive – a black 60gb WD passport. Hmm.

It’s cost me lost work and £60. Sods law I guess.

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  1. A quick update…

    The black Passport lasted a little under a year. Bugger. It was clicking and often wouldn’t respond so I rang Amazon and they arranged a replacement.

    Unfortunately, in the meantime, I found out from a forum elsewhere that this clicking means that it’s not getting enough power. There is no power adapter for this, so it means getting a special “Y” USB cable that means you can plug it into 2 USB ports. As luck would have it, if you contact Western Digital they’ll happily send you one free of charge.

    So I got my new Passport and my cable.. this all happened a few months ago… I’ll provide another updated in future if anything untoward happens!

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