Well, I’m now running on Firefox 2… and very good it is too (even if it asking me to check the spelling of the word “Firefox” in this blog).

Meantime, after the recent publicity, I thought I’d give the Copy+ website a bit of a technical refresh by upgrading it to XHTML. Shame it didn’t work. In IE6 and before, the XML tag causes it to go into “quirks mode” which means my CSS doesn’t render correctly. Yes, I could have sorted that out with time and effort but as XHTML doesn’t actually give me any advantage, it’s really not worth it. So I’ve rolled the changes back and the site is back to how it was. With an added Web 2.0-styley-supermarket-sticker on it (as demonstrated on the left). Just don’t get me started on Web 2.0….

Posted by David Artiss

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