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Now, let’s get one thing straight before I start… I don’t “do” video. I’m not an expert video editor/converter/whatever. So to get a chapter off a DVD onto YouTube ended up being quite a chore. But I managed it. So before I forget, I thought I’d document the process here. There’s probably a utility out there that would do all this in one, quick, go… but I haven’t yet found it.

Stage 1 – Copying the DVD

I used DVD Shrink to extract the DVD to my hard drive.

Stage 2 – Merge the VOB’s

DVD’s are held in VOB format and the chances are that the chapter you require isn’t on one VOB, but stretched across two. VOBMerge will merge VOB files together. Stage 1 of this process is required to use VOBMerge as it doesn’t seem to work directly from the DVD. However, I found that by simply doing the first process, the number of VOB’s changed and my chapter ended up in one VOB, and hence stage 2 wasn’t required.

Stage 3 – Convert the VOB

I used MediaCoder to convert the VOB to a more friendly format – in this case MPEG1, as I knew the utility used in the next stage would accept it. I pushed all quality values up to max because compression wouldn’t be an issue at this stage. I also used MediaCoder to save out the video in a more YouTube friendly resolution of 320×240, as I find this more difficult to do at the next stage.

Stage 4 – Edit the Video

I now have a VOB converted to MPEG. Unfortunately, there’s more in this VOB than just the chapter I’m after, so I used VirtualDub to remove the excess material. I then used this program to save the final file, ensuring it fits within the 100mb upload limit of YouTube. This was a struggle and I found using the DivX decoder at 1500kbps gave the best result – I fiddled this with for a while to get the best quality as close to the limit as possible. In this case, the end result was 95mb.

And that was it! Simple, eh? And here’s the end result….


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