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As much as I love some of the new features of Firefox 2, is it me or is it slow? Or rather, it seems to hang when pages are loading. Ordinarily, I’d blame the slow network at work, but it does the same at home as well. Pre version 2, if a page was loading you could still scroll around and generally use the browser. Now, everything seems to just lock up. Very, very frustrating.

I’m not selling it, am I?

Well, I have to say I’d be sorely tempted to return to IE, if I could get IE7 to run at work. Sadly, we don’t have Service Pack 2 installed so that’s a non-starter.

An alternative would be to use IE7 at home and Firefox at work. If I could share bookmarks. But I can’t.

Oh well, I just hope the Firefox 2 issues are resolved.