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The Copy+ software which I host for a friend has been updated. And, on the back of my PCW magazine success, I’ve decided to try and push it further.

So, one quick Google later and I found a template for creating press releases for software. Already I’ve submitted the results to VNU, Dennis and Future publishing, as well as various technical blogs. Fingers crossed, and we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, here’s my press release (comments?)…


Free Copy+ Software for backup and copying of Sky+ hard drives.

Download it from
The Copy+ web site is

Nottingham, England – 7th November 2006 – The latest version of the powerful Copy+ application is now available. Previously in Beta release, it now supports hard drives of 500GB and above.

Developed by Stuart William McConnachie, Copy+ is designed to assist those looking to upgrade their Sky+ digital satellite recorders with larger hard drives. The program, in its simplest form, can be used to transfer existing recordings from their old hard drive to the new one. Additionally, Copy+ can be used for backup purposes, error correcting and defragmentation.

Upgrading Sky+ hard drives is becoming very popular amongst the technical community, with Internet suppliers and web sites appearing, specifically to provide equipment for this purpose. The standard method of replacement is simply to remove the existing Sky+ hard drive and replacing it with a larger, compatible drive. However, this would mean losing anything recorded on the old drive.

Now, with Copy+, you can connect your existing and new drives to your PC (via spare IDE channels or external USB caddies) and transfer across all existing recordings and series links. The USB caddy option of connecting drives is recommended for ease of use and for less technical users. Copy+ achieves something impossible with standard disk cloning-tools (for example Norton Ghost and Partition Magic), because only Copy+ is able to understand the custom disk format used by the Sky software – Copy+ is literally the only product available for copying and resizing Sky+ disks!

A known issue is that Windows utilities and system software can adversely interact with the special Sky disk format, especially if caddies are not used. With the release of the new version of Copy+, we have now made available a new Windows XP driver that will help ensure that this doesn’t occur. This can be downloaded from the same page as the Copy+ software.

“…its (sic) worth its weight in gold”
“Excellent – the final barrier to a disk upgrade has gone”
“This is a great piece of software which’ll (sic) help people upgrade the Sky+ box hard drives”
“Very impressed… WELL DONE”
“Thanks for all your help also without which I would not have been able to save 61 recordings.”
“You cracked it ! It worked on a 500gb drive without loss of any kind. A brilliant job.”
“Thanks for your hard work, it’s a great bit of software!”
“Great piece of software.”
“Thanks for this piece of software. Since the software is free, is their (sic) any charity that you currently lean towards. I would like to make a small donation. ”
A Sky+ box “Thanks again for an invaluable tool.”
“I only wish the developers at our place would provide such clear and easy to read documentation.”

– Support for drives over 500GB and FAT over 64MB.
– Added time of recording to planner grid
– Implementation of a column sort feature.
– Estimated time remaining to complete copy is now shown.

Windows XP (32-bit edition) Service Pack 2 installed
2 Free internal IDE channels or USB caddies (one to connect your source Sky+ drive and another for your new drive – USB caddies recommended)

Copy+ is freeware, with the exception of it being used in a commercial environment. In these circumstances, the author must be contacted.
There are no nag screens, spyware, pop-ups or advertising of any kind within the software. The corresponding website contains only discrete Google advertising.

Stuart William McConnachie is a commercial software developer during the day, and a Sky+ enthusiast. He is author of the popular BBC emulator software, PCBBC ( Copy+, like PCBBC, was written in his spare time.

Artiss Web Design hosts and designs the Copy+ web site. Run by David Artiss, it provides quality, wallet-friendly web sites for individuals and small businesses alike. Other web sites within their portfolio include those for Engments ( and Beeston Musical Theatre Group (

Stuart William McConnachie –

Artiss Web Design –

As this is a freeware product there is no level of guaranteed support. However the author is keen to assist in any way he can – he often writes one-off programs for customers who have unique issues. He has even been known to visit peoples homes to help them further!

If you experience ANY technical issues during the testing of this product please ensure you contact Stuart, as he will do whatever he can to resolve it as promptly as possible.

Please ensure the software is correctly identified as being by Stuart McConnachie and not Artiss Web Design.

A number of product images files are available for you to use freely. They can be downloaded from the following locations:

Copy+ logo (with white background) –×91.jpg

Screenshot of product in use –

If you require any further information then do not hesitate to contact Artiss Web Design using the email address above.

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