Who’s a Happy Developer?

I don’t know what my hosting company has done recently but my access to phpMyAdmin has been a lot, lot quicker. Which is good.

I use the MySQL Query Browser wherever possible, but as that’s dependant on the table having a unique key before you can edit it, it’s restrictive. And I can’t use it at work.

Oh, and since changing my ISP to Zen, my FTP has been a helluvalot (I know it’s not a word) speedier as well.

Anyway, today, I’ve turned my attention to the BMTG website. I’ve been trawling through the style sheets and making a matrix of the colours I’m using. From that I could work out where I was being inconsistent with colouring. I’ve also had a play with some as well and made very improvements here and there. The Color Palette Generator was useful as well.

Posted by David Artiss

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