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A while ago my Hiper Power Supply failed. It was well within its warranty so I contacted Hiper, who arranged for a replacement. Naturally I had to return it to them and cover the cost myself. On top of that they didn’t reply to my emails and the person I spoke to on the phone was rude.

So as well as returning my PSU, I sent them a letter of complaint.

And I’ll them their due, they apologised. And to make things up they’d send me one of their lovely alloy keyboards.

Anyway, the other day my replacement PSU turned up. I carefully put it in my PC and switched it on. BANG.

After getting my house electric back on, I removed the Hiper PSU and put in my “temporary one” (that I’d bought whilst I was awaiting this replacement from Hiper). Luckily, and miraculously, my PC still worked.

But I’ve sent Hiper another strongly worded mail, this time asking for my money back. So far they’ve responded by asking if they can pick it up from me so they can examine it. I suspect that will involve me sitting at home and awaiting a courier so I’ve been less than keen.

And here’s where insult gets added to injury… I thought I’d try the keyboard out tonight. Except there was something odd about it. Maybe it was the strange words on some of the keys. Or maybe it was the symbols being on different keys than I’m used to. Yes…. drum roll….. they’d sent me a French one.

God bless.

I’ll never… ever… buy from Hiper again.

Meantime, I await a response from Hiper – I’ll give them a few days. Unfortunately my computer continues to play up (not related to the explosive PSU). It’s new trick is for the LAN connection not to work when booted up. A quick reboot and it works again. Never-the-less it’s one more annoyance that’s making the whole computer experience more and more annoying.

My long term plan? Ditch the thing and buy one from a big company, with a big warranty period on it. Mesh are looking good right now, but I’m trying to see if I can have XP installed instead of Vista (mainly due to the fact that my Harmony Remote and Siemens phone won’t connect to Vista).

Update (06/03/2007):

Ok, so you’d have thought that after all my problems me stating that the keyboard was a French version might have been taken seriously.

“It is highly unlikely you will have the French version, as we only sell UK version here.”

Says Hiper Customer Services.

Of course, my fault. I was obviously looking at something else. Like a French dictionary or something.

How stupid do they think I am?

Anyway, a couple of pictures went back to them (one of which is above – click on it for the full size picture. See if you can spot the problem). The French keytops being one clue. The French symbols on the keys being another. Oh, and the letters “FR” on a sticker on the keyboard and the box being another. Last, but by no means least, the French flag on the box is a REALLY big give-away.

Other than the above response I’ve heard nothing from Hiper – nothing about my PSU for a start.

But wait… a card came through the post. From worse-than-bloody-useless courier firm Amtrak. Who will only deliver during the day whilst I’m out, will only attempt delivery twice and don’t answer their phone. Hiper use Amtrak.

So I rang their customer services to find out if they’d sent me anything… “Oh, I think a colleague may have sent you another keyboard”. This was AFTER I’d told them I wasn’t prepared to spend anymore time sat at home waiting for couriers.

Well, this time I will. Simply because their keyboard is actually quite nice (when it’s in the right language). I may as well try and get something from them. In the meantime, I’ll email Hiper again to find out if/when they plan to refund me for my PSU. If I don’t get anywhere it’s my intention to email the Watchdog page at PC Pro magazine.

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