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Here’s something that get Matt Fry salivating… my definitive guide to making Windows XP look cool. Or like Vista (depending how you see it). And it’s all free.

Here are my recommendations for what you need to download…

Zune theme
I mentioned in a previous post – it’s a black and orange colour theme for Windows.

Vista cursor
Read the supplied read me file for installation instructions.

Vista Wallpapers
Lots of official and un-official Vista wallpapers. I use WallMaster to cycle through mine.

Vista Sounds
Hmm, I have them installed on my PC but can’t find where I got them from… will upload them and put a link on my Blog when they’re ready.

After looking at various sidebars, the Google version ended up as my favourite, mainly due to the large number of gadgets available for it.

Alt/Tab Replacement
Microsoft provide a great Alt/Tab replacement as a PowerToy, although it’s not as good as Vistas Flip 3D. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

But, if you want to flip your windows about in 3D, try Madotate – personally I didn’t get on with it. Anyway, there’s no installer with it, so after unzipping it, run install.reg (this will add a registry entry) and then run madotate.exe to kick it off. A system tray icon will appear – from here you can change settings, etc. You will also notice that your current focused window has a new button at the top – click on this to make the window go all-3D.

And that’s it for now – if you can suggest anything further, please let me know.

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