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It was time to revisit the site search facility on the BMTG site. Powered by Atomz, which has now become WebSideStory (awful pun name), the templates used to make it look like part of the site weren’t quite matching. So imagine my surprise to find I couldn’t change them… it looks like WebSideStory are trying to push past Atomz owners over to their own paid-for service, which means limiting options to viewing and resetting stats.

So off I went to look…

Now, I like Google. Many people may not, but I do. So they were the first port of call when I started a few weeks ago. I quickly added a Site Search option – the results didn’t display on my site, but it worked nicely (and proved that Google was indexing the site!). Yesterday I went to add another search to another site and… I couldn’t find the Site Search. Well I could, but only the customizable version, which errors whenever I try it. Instead, via their new co-op site, there’s an option to create your own Customer Search Engine. And it works beautifully, even down to being able to put the results on your own site, without using templates, and with your own colour options. Nice.

I’ve also added a nice script to the bottom of each of the BMTG site pages to make it easier to add the site as your home page, as well as add it to various “Digg” style sites (including Digg, naturally).

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