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No, not this time.

But I’ve noticed that I mentioned some time ago about using new Captcha software. Well, after some head scratching (explained in a bit) I’ve got it up and working on the BMTG site.

Scratching, because it refused to work. In the end it turned out that another piece of code was interfering with it. I used the least elegant solution to the problem (rather than getting them to work in harmony, I simply turned the other code off on the pages that needed the captcha) and all is well.

It might be worth taking a while to peruse the BMTG site whilst you’re there as I’ve recently made LOTS of changes to it. These include…

  • Removed a menu system that I was trialling (it had drop-down sub-options) and have instead implemented a simple single menu, but where options lead to screens with further sub-options on.
  • Good use of iconography on screens
  • The front page is now delivered via a back-end MySQL database
  • Top-of-page adverts are also now delivered from a MySQL database
  • Various page tidies
  • Completely re-validated all the pages, checked links, checked across browsers, etc, etc.

Not bad. Even if I do say so myself!