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Saw details of this yesterday. It’s a bit like a social networking site, but one where you exchange information about the software you run on your PC. Naturally, I’m giving it a try.

After setting yourself up a profile, you have to download a small piece of software that monitors your program usage – nothing about what you’re doing with them (so no need to worry about stolen passwords, etc), but simply that they’re being launched.

You can then sign into the Wakoopa website, review your software and see what else people are using.

The site isn’t as straight-forward as I’d like and I’m confused over what you can do with other users. I’d like to be able to see other users that have similiar tastes and see what else they’re using. Maybe I can do this, but as yet I haven’t found out how.

I’ll stick with it, have a play and report back in a future post. Meantime, I’ve added a Blog badge to the side which shows my current top 10 most-used programs (most of these are start-up programs, hence why they’re appearing) and you can view my profile at any time.

Update, 23/12/2007 – I’ve left the service. It simply didn’t give me anything. More software recommendations from other users would have been useful.

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