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Now that Kubuntu has been upgraded from Feisty Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon, it was time to re-install my copy on VirtulBox. Why re-install instead of simply upgrade? Well, I did try that but the update seemed to regularly crash. In the end I had an upgraded version of Kubuntu but it wouldn’t install and future updates. Which is obviously bad. So I decided to try afresh instead.

Now, the install is a breeze but, as before, I had 3 browsers to re-install. However, since my original instructions I’ve got it down to a more fine art. And, as before, Konqueror comes as standard with Kubuntu (hence me choosing the KDE interface).

So here are the rest…

Go into Add/remove programs
Search for & install Firefox

Browse to http://www.opera.com/download/ and download the latest version to your desktop (it should be a .deb file)
Right click and select “Open With” followed by “Gdebi Package Installer”

This is the tougher one.
Download and install (as with Opera) the automated script.
Open up a command window and change to root
Now run the following command…