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Download from… http://www.arachnoid.com/arachnophilia

Download size… 1.59MB
Installation size… 1.54MB

Unlike most of the other editors, Arachnophilia is designed specifically for web development. It used to be my editor of choice, but that was version 4.0 (which you can still download from the site). Since then it’s been converted to Java so it will run on most platforms. Unfortunately, as most people will appreciate, that also means it runs like, well, a dog. Particularly to start. It’s slimline in size, but that’s for a reason – there aren’t many options.

It looks as if it’s been designed by someone from Fisher Price and lacks basic facilities such as word wrap and an explorer bar. There is line numbering a good browser launch system, as well as useful features such as the ability to auto-complete an image size.

In an attempt to make an editor for all people he’s made it difficult to use because it doesn’t perform how we expect it to.

I used Arachnophilia in it’s non-Java form because it was quick to use as a simple editor (although it lacked PHP syntax colouring). Now it’s even lost that. It comes with a Windows Installer but.. and this is always a bug-bear of mine… there’s no uninstall option without going into Control Panel.

[review]Slow editor that lacks facilities and looks awful.[/review]
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