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Poor service is always something I believe in not ignoring but doing something about. So here’s one part of that.

Let’s get the naming of the culprit out of the way straight off….

After a positive review in PCPro, I was interested in purchasing a Sansa MP3 player. Onlinememory had the 8GB version at a shade under £70, including P&P – a lot less than anyone else. The reviews of the retailer were generally positive on the comparison site I was using, so I went ahead and ordered. The item was in stock, so I looked forward to it turning up.

After 4 days the status on their website was still stating “Processing” so I emailed them. Days later I didn’t have a response so, on Monday of this week, I used their “Online chat” facility to ask them about it. It was apparently out of stock and I should have been sent an email. Well their website still said they had stock and, no, I hadn’t been send an email to tell me otherwise. They apologised and said they were due stock “later this week” but I couldn’t pin them down to anything more accurate. The fact that they were so vague and that their website was telling me they did have stock set alarm bells ringing.

Soon after that conversation they sent me an email apologising again and stating that “We are having difficulty in regards the supply of this product as it is all being rebranded by the manufacturer at this time. We endeavour to supply your purchase as soon as this item is available.” (their spelling and grammar mistakes, not mine).

Today I guess they gave up because I received a refund from Google Checkout. What they didn’t do, though, is contact me to let me know they were refunding me and why. And, yes, still the website says they have stock.

I’ve now emailed onlinememory back to tell them about my poor service and the fact that I won’t purchase from them again. I’ve also queried the rebranding with Sandisk and told them of my issues (you never know, enough complaints and they might drop them as reseller).

I’ll update in due course to let you know of any response I get from either company.

Update: I heard back from SanDisk same day to say that they had recently launched a V2 version of the Sansa in the US, but didn’t have a release date for it in UK. 3 days later and nothing from onlinememory…

Update (08/01/08):

They offered to provide me with a discount once the Sansa’s were back in stock. They now are. Unfortunately, months later and I’ve had no response and their telephone number is dead. It doesn’t look good.

Update (03/03/08):

After getting my refund from them, and not receiving ANY responses to any of my emails, I thought I’d never hear from them again.

Until last Thursday.

I received an email to say my Sansa was in the post. Eh? This order was cancelled. I got my refund. Worried, I checked my Google Checkout account… nope, nothing has been taking. According to my account on their site, they have taken the money for my Sansa.

It would appear that, for once, their ineptitude has worked to my advantage. The order has been cancelled and refunded, but they haven’t realised that. As a consequence, I get a £70 MP3 player for nothing. I just hope it turns up now!

Update (05/03/08):

Well, there’s a shock. Nearly a week later and my Sansa hasn’t turned up.

I know I’m playing right into their hands, but I’ve sent an email chasing it up. I’m sure I’ll be able to hear them cackling from here.

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  1. Fairly similar experience. Ordered via google checkout on 10 Dec. Google confirmed order placed. Still waiting for to even contact me. Tried emailing them (72 hour SLA)no reply, tried ringing the no on the website – unobtainable, rang sister company pdaonline, didn’t answer the phone in 30 minutes, checked online chat on numerous occasions, never manned, they’ve got a call back system they never called me back, contacted them via Google Checkout twice no reply, asked google for mediation , no reply, 17 days later cancelled order. Throughout website says in stock, apart from one day when the page was unobtainable. Shocking company, they have a Safebuy logo displayed but aren’t members. Companies in the ANPR UK group all with the same address are,,,,, avoid them all. The only customers that like them on price comparison websites all ghave names with jon in them (jonjon, jonty etc.) just like the owner jon flatman. I never really bother complaining about bad service, but these guys have been so bad its motivated me to tell everyone, as they dont deserve any customers.

  2. They finally removed the product from their website. However, on the 19th of December I received this email…

    Dear Customer

    Firstly please accept my apologies for this out of the blue email.

    Thank you for your order as you can understand at this time of year we strive to ensure your receive your product before Christmas. Unfortunately we are unable to achieve this as we have been unable to obtain new stock of this item due to high demand for your particular item and issues with manufacture. We are still endeavoring to fulfill your order prior to Christmas.

    We are very sorry to have let you down in this way and fully understand the frustration we have caused. We have been assured by our supplier that all orders will be fulfilled by the 10th January. If you can wait then we would be able to provide a 5% discount and free delivery.

    If you could reply with your intentions we would be grateful. Once again apologies for the inconvenience we have caused.

    Mr Paul Frodsham
    Customer Care Manager
    The Online Shopping Group

    So, yes, I replied back asking them how they were going to fulfil my order when they’d refunded me. However, I was interested in the discount they mentioned so I asked them to let me know when the product would be in stock and how to claim the discount.

    Eerie silence and no reply since. Nice.

  3. Wow im getting de ja vu!! Had exactly the same problems ( as have MANY others after reading numerious review sites) I went as far as reporting them to trading standards and emails “safebuy” about their invalid certificates on the web site. I was totally disgusted by this so called company. They are usueless and will hopefully be shut down or go bust…the sooner the better!!!!

  4. Very similar experience with a memory card. Now about to sue them via small claims court (sadly I’m in Scotland and can’t use the excellent Money Claim Online facility run by HM Courts in England and Wales).

  5. On 6th May I ordered 2 off 4G Compact Flash cards from Onlinememory. We were leaving the UK for Russia on 13th May so to be sure to get them I paid for Special Delivery (next day). On Thursday 9th May I telephoned them to query delivery and was assured several times that the items had been sent Special Delivery. On Friday 10th May telephoned again and once again I queried delivery and asked several times about the postage service and was told several times the items were posted special delivery, and no they could not check the progress of these, even though this postal service is tracked. I emailed the complaints and received no answer. I bought the cards at a local retail store for a great deal of money. On returning to the UK the package was waiting for me in the PO depot, having been sent normal mail and arriving on the 14th May (7 days later). Emails to the complaints department remain unanswered. Although the sum involved is small (£65.00) the inconvenience and irritation is great and knock on costs were involved. I am seriously considering action in the Small Claims Court to try and teach this outfit a lesson in customer relations and goodwill. I will never purchase from this group again

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