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After a spate of emails and replies sent to everyone and their uncle, I couldn’t resist not responding…

Hi all,

Just thought it was pertinent at this point to warn you about something.

Since about Christmas there has been a virus infecting email systems. It’s extremely nasty with some annoying consequences. If you have it, you’ll find that all emails you reply to are sent “reply all”.

This has lead to, in some cases, lose of limbs. Not because of some kind of virus that has spread from computer to human, but because annoyed recipients have “ gone postal” at the sender.

Thankfully there is a cure. Checking of the recipients on emails you receive, ensuring you are only sending to those who want to read the reply and, most importantly, using a new button provided very kindly by the makers of the email programs to help combat this viral threat. It’s labelled “Reply” and is distinctive in not being called “Reply to all”. Amazingly, this will only reply to the original sender.

What will they think of next?

Happy New Year!

Love you all,
Lots of kisses,
David x

PS. Yes, I know the irony in doing in a “reply to all” to send this out.

Sarcastic? Me?