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I’ve written only recently about various examples of poor service from companies. Unfortunately, I’d like to add two more.

I recently ordered a USB hub from eBuyer. Except that an SD memory card turned up instead. I contacted eBuyer by phone and they said that they’d email me return instructions straight away and despatch the hub once they’ve received the card back. Let me get this straight… despatch the item that I ordered (and was expecting to receive today) once I’d sent back the item they sent to me by mistake. Their cock-up.

And I’ve not, a number of hours later, received an email, so I’ve sent them one of their “enotes”. I’ll see what happens. Especially now that I know the SD card is worth twice the cost of the USB hub.

Update (08/01/2008):

eBuyer got back to me. They wanted me to send the unwanted product back, upon receipt they’d send me the correct one. So I told them this wasn’t good enough. They told me to ring their Support Number <sigh>

After get through a queue of 19 people, I got the answer I was looking for… they’d arrange pickup of the memory card tomorrow and delivery the missing USB hub. Hoorah.

Although this only came after a protracted argument when they couldn’t find my work address on their system. “Well you sent it to me at that address in the first place” was my argument. It worked.

Update (10/01/2008):

They picked up the memory card yesterday from my work address but my USB hub never turned up. Ringing them again, I noticed the problem whilst waiting in their phone queue – they’d despatched it to my home address. By courier. And no-one is there.

They asked me too which address to use, but then only applied it to the pick-up. Idiots.

They’ve now changed that and say I should get the hub tomorrow on Monday, depending on how long it takes Shitty Link to realise the details have changed.

Update (16/01/2008):

eBuyer finally got the hub delivered to me the next day. Hurrah!

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