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Just before Christmas I ordered a TomTom Home Dock. This is basically a little docking station that your TomTom can sit in on your desk, keeping it charged and updated. Nice. I bought it from a seller on eBay with a good rating.

When it turned up the USB socket on the dock was slightly out of alignment so my TomTom wouldn’t go on it correctly. I contacted the seller who supplied a return address for it. Oddly, it wasn’t his but the name of the company who made it – VIVO. I’ve had other TomTom products from VIVO.

So off I sent it last week. However, I was interested in how I was going to claim back my postage for having had to send it back, so I contacted VIVO at the address I was given. There was the problem… That VIVO make mounts for TV’s and have nothing to do with TomTom accessories. So who have I sent it to?

I’ve sent off an email to the eBay’er asking him what’s going on. If I don’t hear from him or I don’t get a satisfactory answer, I’ll be opening a dispute on eBay <bigger sigh>

And, just to top things off, the main car park at work today was completely full (I’ve never known that happen before). I refuse, as some people do, to park on the pavement or in a disabled space, so I ended up at the far end of another car park (which was nearly full). Not that it was far away, but it’s in a different Council area.

Someone remind me to make my next post a lot lighter and happier?

Update (16/01/2008):

I got a new TomTom dock from the chap from eBay. I’m just waiting for him to refund me my postage for sending the faulty one back… that might be a different battle entirely!