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LopeEdit is a nice looking editor. It displays line numbers, word wrap indicators and, importantly, wraps correctly (i.e. re-wrapping as the windows resizes, rather than to a fixed screen position).

I tried the free version (as that’s the grand total of how much I wish to pay) but there is a “pay for” version with extra facilities. In this case, however, none of these extras were ones that I was looking for (ftp updates, file comparison, etc., are all available separately and probably a lot more powerful too).

But, as with most editors there are a couple of cons. First of all there’s no facility to launch the current page in a browser (as I’ve said before I’m surprised this isn’t missing from more editors as most are trying to be generic coding editors rather than web-specific). Secondly, this falls into a trap that others do when it comes to syntax highlighting – PHP scripts are assumed to be pure PHP. That means any HTML within them are not displayed correctly (and in the case of LopeEdit, it often gets confused). As most of my pages are HTML with a smattering of PHP within them, this means they highlight badly. Other editors assume both, others have seperate options (i.e. PHP or HTML/PHP).

[review]Decent rounded code editor, not web specific, which is where its weaknesses lie.[/review]

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