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I had a cold at Christmas. And since last week I’ve had a bad cough – the kind of cough that mainly hits me during the night. So I’ve got used to having to get up and wait for it to subside. Usually it’s about 11:30pm, which is manageable. Last night (or rather, this morning) it was at 3:30am.

What I now know..

  1. Even at 3:30am, our cat, Molly, thinks it’s a good time for breakfast and to go outside.
  2. If you don’t feed her at 3:30am, she thinks it’s a good idea to stick her claws into you
  3. My Humax PVR does a self-check at 4am. Scared me to death.
  4. The birds outside are stupidly loud at 5am when you’re trying to sleep
  5. I’m tired
  6. Starbuck is dead (yes, I was watching the 3rd season of Battlestar Galactica).