When Plugins Go Bad

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Aren’t Firefox plugins great?

Well, for a while I’ve been suffering from poor web page loading times – any JavaScript, for instance, in the code would cause the page loading to hang, during which I can’t scroll or anything (particularly annoying as most pages seems to use Google Analytics these days). Anyway, after getting nothing from a post on the Mozilla forums, I came to the conclusion that an add-on must be at fault – both my machines were suffering the same problem but nobody else was. The only thing in common was my plug-ins.

So I disabled them all and… great speed. Then I activated them one at a time, restarting Firefox as I did. I was wondering if it was simply a combination of plugins, but it wasn’t that complex. The fault lies with MozCC, which displays any Creative Commons licence which is associated with a site. It’s handy, but not essential so it’s now removed.

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