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Carbonite is an online backup tool. And very good it is too. It sits silently in the background, backing up data from fixed disks (note, therefore, that removable or network drives can’t be used). You can unlimited storage for about £25 a year.

And PC Pro agrees.

At the moment I’m still in the trial period (you get 14 days to try it out) and there have been problems this week – namely a maintenance update by the Carbonite company has caused lots of issues with peoples backups. And that includes me. 3 times within 24 hours I had to re-install Carbonite and run a patch from their website. They didn’t tell you about this problem – just a message on their support page (would an email not have helped?).

Now, it’s all working. But with a side effect. The padlock icon which stays in the taskbar is permanently green. Before this changed colour depending on the state of the backup – amber to indicate files still needing backing up and green was 100% backup. At the time I only had 67% of files backed up and it remained green no matter what.

I contacted Carbonite who didn’t explain why this had happened but instead told me all the other ways to find out if backups were complete – none of which are as simple as simply glancing at the taskbar icon.

It’s full marks for the product but none for the quality of support so far.

[review]For backing up your computer to the internet Carbonite is second-to-none. For customer service, I’m not yet sure[/review]
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