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Have you seen the price of PC memory these days?

I was looking to possibly update my desktop from 1GB to 2GB after performing some recent benchmarks. What I found was that the memory in my current desktop runs slower than in my previous one (DDR2 is slower than DDR, and this is the issue).

Anyway, I found that my current memory was rated at 533, whereas I could actually go a lot higher with my system board. I found that 2GB of 800 memory was just £32. Wow. So I ordered it.

Now, I’d like to say it’s made a huge increase but it hasn’t. Humbug. Benchmarks have shown it to be better but not hugely so.

What I did find, though, is that a simple tweak to XP’s swapfile makes just as big an improvement. If you’ve not done this, right-click on My Computer, select Properties, click on the Advanced tab, then the Settings button in the Performance frame. Once the Performance Options window opens, click on the Advanced tab and then the Change button under the Virtual Memory area. Click on the entry for your system disk, check the Custom size radio button and enter the same number in both the Initial Size and Maximum Size fields. The general rule of thumb is to make the swapfile 1.5 times your physical memory size – 3000Mb in my case.

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