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JumpDrive FireFlyLook at that. I’d like to say it’s to scale, but depending on your screen size and resolution, it probably won’t be. But it’s my latest purchase – an 8Gb (yes, you read that right) USB memory stick, called the JumpDrive FireFly. And just £18 from MyMemory.

It’s a touch slow compared to my Passport, but then it’s likely to be – an actual hard drive does tend to be rather quick. Never-the-less it’s middling compared to my other USB sticks (slower than my Samsung but faster than my Crucial). Reviews say the write speed is slow, but then I’ve seen more recent ones that say otherwise. I can’t tell. I just know it’s slower than the passport, but still eminently usable.

I’ve also given up on onlinememory – in all senses. Phones and emails have all gone unanswered, so I’ve bought the Sansa from Play.com. I’ve also picked up a travel kit (including leather case) and memory expansion whilst I’m at it (that will bring it up to 10Gb in total). Nice.

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