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As a non-profit and charity, I’m often on the look out for tools and services that I can use for the BMTG website. However, apart from various sites offering to create free websites, there seems little in the way of help for such groups. However, there are two sites/companies that I’d like to recommend…

They host the BMTG website for free. All you pay for is your domain name, which you can buy elsewhere and point to their nameservers. Their service is excellent as if the quality of their hosting. Oh, and they’re carbon neutral

They provide reduced charges to non-profits. Google Checkout doesn’t. Never-the-less the PayPal non-profit charges aren’t much more generous than the standard Google Checkout rate.

There is also Google for Non-profits, a collection of Google tools and sites. Unfortunately, it’s just that. And the link no longer appears to work, even though it was only launched a couple of months ago.

Google Grants offers 3 months of free advertising to, well, people them deem to be appropriate – submit your details and cross your fingers.

If you’re aware of any useful services for non-profits/charities, please let me know.

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