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I’m in the process, at the moment, of some interesting changes to the BMTG site. Instead of each show/concert page being individually written (with a few calls to scripts to display photos, etc) I’m creating a totally automated page generation system – simply tell it the show name, call the generator script and you get a show page out the other end. This includes the automatic detection of photos (just drag and drop a new photo into the appropriate folder and it then appears on the page) and the fetching of descriptions from the JPG data. Nice (if I do say so myself).

However, all of this has had an impact of server times. In the past I’ve not measured server times for performance monitoring, as they’ve been so insignificant. Now, I’m having to for the show pages. In fact the changes have pretty much negated recent performance improvements.

The next package, though, should help with this as I bring in some further performance improvements (including image caching and sorting out some shoddy MySQL programming of mine).

However, going forward (and I hate that expression), performance is something I will look at it with each package update.

After that there are packages due to SEO and Accessibility. So, they too will become part of the “standard” package check. Indeed, I have 4 things on my radar…

  1. Accessibility
  2. SEO
  3. Security
  4. Performance

Security, which will be tackled in the next package along with performance, is mainly around MySQL injection and the like – making the site as hacker-proof as possible.

It’s actually quite exciting as SEO and Accessibility is not something I’ve really concentrated on in the past, so I’m looking forward to the research and learning that will go with this.