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Yep, enough of my critical plugins are now working on Firefox 3 that I installed it. Hurrah.

But, of course, this is me so thing went wrong.

First of all, it didn’t seem to find my bookmarks correctly, so I decided to get Foxmarks to simply download everything from it’s server. Oops. Now the smart bookmarks have gone.


to get the ‘smart’ bookmark folders back, open up about:config and set browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion to 0 then restart Firefox.

Next, I found that the Mozilla plug-ins site was not detecting my version of Firefox correctly.

  • Enter about:config in the Location bar
  • Type general.useragent in the “Filter”
  • Right-click each of the general.useragent preferences and choose “Reset” from the context menu.

For the time being, that appears to be it. Hmm.