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Firefox 3 was officially released last night. They were hoping to get 2 million downloads in 24 hours but within about 2 hours they seemed to have 2.5 million. Not bad going.

It also meant that getting hold of the download was difficult. Never-the-less I was able to and tried it out.

Now, I tried the Beta some time ago but didn’t use if “properly” (I rang it alongside my current version 2) because of the lack of compatible plugins. Because of the imminent launch yesterday of the final version, I was expecting this to be mainly resolved. I was wrong.

I have 23 add-ons. 2 are bundled with Firefox and Skype. Of the other 21, only 10 are currently compatible with Firefox 3, leaving 11 not.

So, I re-installed Firefox 2 again (although it didn’t initially work being installed over the top of FF 3, so I uninstalled it and then re-installed FF 2. That worked).

Once a reasonable number (plus those that I deem essential) are compatible, I’ll re-install. But until then…