Well. Yesterdays Panorama was a real eye-opener with regard to the exploitation that goes on to provide Primark with cheap clothing.

Personally, I don’t shop there but I’m not one of those who agree with blaming customers. I truly don’t believe that most people would believe – nay expect – that this would happen with a big UK retailer. For Primark to say they didn’t realise themselves in unbelievable. Either they are rubbish and don’t bother checking up on their providers, or are simply lying.

However, I equally don’t think it is too much for consumers to expect that all cheap clothing is due to exploitation. In a world of mass, and automated manufacturer, with cheaper materials being and methods of manufacturer being created all the time, I don’t think it is wrong for people to buy cheap clothes and expect them to have a dubious history.

Having said that, if I was a Primark shopper I wouldn’t be now. Primark should not be engaged in this kind of thing and even saying that they’ve now sacked the relevant suppliers is really not good enough. Never-the-less the real eye-opener can be found on Facebook. Namely the Facebook group named “PRIMARK APPRECIATION SOCIETY“.

Some initial comments include (and these are not my spellings)…

the goverments say its illegal for under 14s to work but the clearly do not enforce it well enough and provide a better life for its children and this is were the problem seems to be, i also agree that the children in tonights documentary did not look ill and as unhappy as i expected before all the hype of the programme. i will still shop at primark like im sure a lot of people will, at the end of the day they must create millions of jobs that are essentail to peoples lives

I always knew that child labour was involved in the making of primark clothing and sorry but I will still shop there. Hey, I don’t have that much money either, so I’m afraid I’ll still be purchasing my ‘bargains’ there.

Child labour always has and always will be around…. Children making clothes in the bbc documentary looked quite happy and healthy… their are more pressing issues goin on the world that desrve our attention ie our yob culture, teen pregnancy, drug issues.

What can I say to that? I feel equally ashamed of my fellow countrymen. I can only hope these are a minority.

I’m off work today and managed to catch The Wright Stuff – always a good laugh. Today they were briefly talking about a Heinz Adverts that’s been pulled after 200 complaints because it had two men kissing in it. And by this I mean a quick peck, in what is a humorous advert. They only had time for a few callers on this subject but, sure enough, they had someone ring who was offended by this advert in case their 4 year old saw it. They stated categorically that they were not homophobic, but then admitted that they thought that an advert with a man and a woman kissing was acceptable, but not when it’s two men.

So you ARE homophobic then. She thought not, and I think a lot of people think the same way as her.

What both these stories have in common is how blinkered we have become as a society – where we are quite obviously not prepared to change our views, or merely to accept what our views mean, no matter what logic is put in front of us.

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