Wi-Fi Gone Bye-Bye

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Now, I’m not a network expert in any way shape or form. Therefore when my Nintendo Wii started having network problems last night, I was in a bit of a panic. I also have a wireless streaming MP3-thingy in the living room and that wasn’t working either.

However, I knew my wireless network was working as I’d been tinkering on my daughter’s laptop earlier, which was fine.

Anyway, I kicked off my work laptop which has a wireless connection and that worked fine upstairs, near my wireless router. Taking it downstairs, it kept failing.

I’d heard about NetStumbler and so installed this free software onto my laptop. Upstairs it picked up a number of nearby networks, all on different channels. Moving it downstairs, a load more appears and up-popped someone on the same channel. It wasn’t very strong but never-the-less I thought I’d trying changing my networks channel. I chose 4 as nobody was on this – in fact no-one was either side of it either (i.e. channel 3 or 5 – not sure if this helps but, hey, worth a try).

I now have a solid wireless network again.

Unfortunately, I was on channel 6 because I have a Super-G modem and that channel is required for it to work. By changing channels it means my daughters laptop is now using a standard “G” speed (54mbps) – for her use she won’t notice a difference but when I back up her computer across the network I guess I’ll notice it!

I could always track down the slacker using “my” channel….

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