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It’s that time of year again – car insurance renewal. I’ve been with The Post Office for the last couple of years as they’ve given me a competitive quote each time.

For the last year I’ve been paying about £17 a month with a £200 excess. I had a speeding offence but that has now expired. I was therefore expecting the cost to come down this year. So imagine my surprise to receive a renewal of £27 a month with a £250 excess. This was, according to the letter, the best they could get and was with Fortis Insurance.

So I rang them about this to see if they could explain the huge hike in price. They couldn’t. But they could – miraculously – find me a better price and with the same insurer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much better.

I came across an article which listed a number of online car insurance search sites that you should use as these specific ones ensured you covered the entire market. By the end of it I’d found a deal, via Tesco, with M&S. It works out at under £17 a month and is just £100 excess. In fact, so save more money, I’ve decided to pay for it as a lump sum – this works out at about £190. I also get £5 in Clubcard points from Tesco.

The annoying thing is, the insurance, although via Tesco and M&S, is with…. Fortis.