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Grrr. Sometimes I worry about people.

You download some software from a website. A website dedicated to that software. A website full of forums, useful FAQ’s and an author who is only too willing, for no money, to go that extra mile to help people out with any issues that arise.

So why, when you do have a problem, ask your question elsewhere, on an unrelated forum?

That’s what I keep finding about Copy+ – I’ve come across another example of this tonight, but it’s not the first time.

I’ve also found people on download sites (where Copy+ is available) leaving bad reviews after trying it out, having an issue (or often not) and not even bothering to try and find a solution. Often they don’t even realise it’s for a specific task (backing up Sky+ hard drives) and wonder why when they run it, it doesn’t recognise any hard drives. Doh.

Look, if you’re reading this and have a problem with Copy+, use the contact form on the website, or use the forum (the author will answer to both, usually pretty quickly – when you post to the forum it even sends him an email).