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If you’ve not yet come across Remember the Milk then it’s highly recommended. RTM (as it’s called) is a simple, but powerful, to-do/reminder facility. There’s also lots of plugins to access it.

If you’re memory is as bad as mine, then it’s a god-send.

As I say, they publish lots of ways to quickly access it, but I’m using one more. If you can put up with Internet Explorer, then here’s a quick way to launch a specific page in an application-style window. It can be changed to whatever you want, but I use it for RTM.

First of all create a file with the following content…

Dim objIE,ArgObj, var1
Set ArgObj = WScript.Arguments
Set objIE = WScript.CreateObject ("InternetExplorer.Application")
var1 = ArgObj(0)
ObjIE.Toolbar = false
objIE.Navigate var1
objIE.Visible = true

Name is something such as iewindow.vbs – the .vbs on the end if the important bit.

Now create a shortcut to this program and pass the website you wish to display as a parameter.

So, in my case, to display my RTM entries I pass this as a shortcut –

How I use this, then, is that when I boot my computer I have a startup shortcut to the weekly planner, giving me an overhead of what’s coming up over the next week. In my case the planner URL is

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