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Both yesterday and today I’ve been having a bit of a play with applications for the N95 as well as internet access via the phone.

First all, it’s REALLY easy to convert a WordPress blog like this into a mobile application. The free WordPress Mobile plugin is rather good. It comes with a plug at the bottom for the author, plus 50% of any advertising revenue goes to them too – unless you pay a one-off fee of £25. As I don’t advertise, this isn’t an issue 😉

So, if you now visit my site via your mobile phone you’ll find it display as appropriate for that format.

The screenshot of this is to the right and was created by a very simple free Symbian app.

Now, whilst playing with the aforementioned Mobile plugin, I noticed that they offered a QR barcode to add to each page – scanned by an appropriate mobile phone or PDA, this would link back to the URL of the page. Now, I’d noticed the barcode scanner function on my phone but couldn’t see the use.

Instead of adding one for each page, I’ve instead put one in this blogs sidebar – scan that on your mobile phone and it will give you the general URL of the site – far quicker than typing it in! I can see other uses for this (it can hold all sorts of information, not just URL’s) and I’ve already seen it used in magazine adverts.

There are a number of a QR code generators on the internet, so there’s really no excuse not to dabble!

N95 application wise, I’m also trying out the Nokia Step Counter (yes, yes, I know). What I’m really excited about, though, are a number of apps by a chap named Samir – at the moment they’re all in a closed beta, but he intends to make them freeware once complete. These includes utilities to perform actions if the phone is turned over or shook (I love the idea of turning the phone over at night and it automatically going into a silent profile!).

Lastly, I’ve recently taken delivery of an ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard, made by iGo. It’s superb and a really good price too – less than half the price of most others. Now, ignoring the fact that they’d decided to put a sticker on it running from front to back, and not one that easily comes off, or the fact that the manual that comes with it is next to useless, it’d heartily recommend it.

However, there are no N95 drivers for it, so you have to use those that are available for the N73. I contacted iGo to find out when they might be available and it would appear that they never will be as the keyboard is no longer being made. So snap them up whilst they’re cheap! And still available!

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