Photoshop Elements

I’ve taken the plunge and bought Photoshop Elements 6. As much as I’d love to show you an unboxing video, I’m not that sad. It was a box. With a “Getting started” guide (which is next to useless) and the CD in a plastic DVD case.

And without a manual (although I’m wondering now if there was a PDF one on the disk) I’ll admit to struggling – mainly getting my photos imported and shown in some kind of easy-to-use order.

I’ve come across a free email course, but that’s for version 3. I’ll let you know how that goes. The same site also has a series of online articles, so that’s something I’ll peruse through too.

And if all that fail, there’s Photoshop Elements 6: The Missing Manual“, which I can get myself.

And, naturally, I’ll report back on any hints-and-tips that I come across.

Posted by David Artiss

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