The British GP – where it all went wrong

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It was a fantastic race today, and Lewis deservedly won.

There was obviously a lot of talk about the fact that the race is moving away from Silverstone in two years – in fact moving it to Donnington was the only way to secure it in this country, due to the poor facilities we have to offer. In fact, Donnington don’t even have them but promise to be ready by 2010. We hope.

It’s a real shame that we really don’t do enough. And I think there was proof of that today.

Here was an annual British sporting event that we could all get behind. Like Wimbledon. So who presented Lewis Hamilton – a British winner at the British Grand Pix – with his trophy? Paul Murphy, Secretary of State for Wales. Wales is in Britain but that’s where any kind of obvious link ends.

Next up, presenting the second place trophy was… Gerry Sutcliffe, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Sport. Well, it’s sport related. About as far down the ladder as you can go.

So, that was our government contingent to help support this event? A Parliamentary Under-Secretary and a Secretary of State for a country that the event didn’t take place in.


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