Why I'm a Pirate

I download illegal music.

There  I said it.

But I’m not your ordinary pirate. Or “thief” as it’s probably better known.

The thing is, I hate DRM (Digital Rights Management). I pay to download some music off the net and, well, it’s not mine. It’s restricted – it’s in a format that won’t play on a lot of my devices and I’m restricted to what I can copy the music to and how many times I can. Rubbish.

So what I do is pay for a music download and then grab myself, via a P2P client, an illegal MP3 version of the same track. The artists get their money and I get to use it how I like. I see there’s more of a swing towards non-DRM music and, to be honest, it can’t come sooner.

There, now it’s out in the open, I’m going into hiding before I get traced via my ISP…

Posted by David Artiss

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