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+Extract is a free piece of software that is designed to extract/rip free-to-air (FTA) programmes from your Sky+ or Sky HD box. You need to take your hard drive out to do it (Sky put a USB socket on their boxes but it doesn’t do anything!) but otherwise it’s a bit of a breeze.

Anyway, the author was hoping to make some money from it in the form of donations and has, well, been disappointed. As a result he’s given up further development and has closed down his forum.

The chap who writes Copy+ is a friend of the author and he even hangs out on the Copy+ forum as well, so I took the plunge last week and asked him if he’d be interested in us taking +Extract over. And he agreed.

Now, we won’t be doing any more development (although the source code is for sale!) but we can make all the downloads available from our site and dedicate some forum space to support (amongst other users – we can’t provide any official support ourselves). It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing!

Therefore +Extract can now be found on the Copy+ site on it’s own dedicated page. Plus you can discuss it on the forum. Huzzah!

Thanks to Neil for letting us do this. And that might go some way to explaining why I’ve been getting the servers upgraded 😉

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