Hellboy 2

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Ahhh, another chance to try out the new Showcase De Lux. This time I was more sensible and went in the evening when the parking is just £1.50!

It was a different screen this time and it was huge (the auditorium rather than the screen). As before – comfy, clean, got picture and sound. Nice.

Ok, the film. Well, I saw the first Hellboy when it originally came out and I’m a proud owner of it on DVD. The follow-up film was straight into it, was just a cursory explanation of who/what he is at the beginning. The story was a bit over-the-place and the bad guy, in the end, was reasonably easily defeated. But that’s all the bad stuff out of the way – this was, however minutes long it was, of high quality action with a bit of comedy thrown in.

Most films have quiet sections where the fidgety would begin to get a little bored, but this had nothing like this – it really was wall-to-wall.

[review]All-in-all, fantastic entertainment and well worth seeing. I’ll be adding to my DVD collection in a few months…[/review]

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