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The King of Shaves AzorOne of the few perks of work is getting the occasional chance to see new products and even get free samples – often before they’re in the shop.

So I was keen to try out, a couple of months ago, the new King of Shaves “Azor”.

It’s marketed almost as an antidote to the fluff and nonsense that you normally get with razors. Yet it’s called “Azor”, they refer to “iStyle”, it’s sold in iPod colours, and they talk about “Endurium” coated blades and “Touch Skin Technology”. Personally, it sounds like the kind of nonsense that they all peddle. My personal favourite is the “unique hybrid synergy design which minimises the carbon footprint.” What nonsense.

Oh, and they state that it’s “proudly designed and engineered in the UK. Which I’m sure it is, but they’re lacking something – yea, it’s probably being manufactured elsewhere.

Now, I received a white Azor with a single blade. A couple of months later and it’s still going strong. It’s a bit strange at first, as it’s styled differently to your usual razor, but it remains pin-sharp (I cut myself with it only today!).

The one thing I don’t like is it’s shaving ability on a dry bit of skin – you know, when you’ve shaved off all the gel on a bit of skin but return to it for another go-over. A normal razor will normally be okay, but the Azor has a thick black piece of rubber (which is attached to the handle part of the razor, and is therefore not changeable with the blades) and this catches. It doesn’t cause any discomfort, but simple causes it to drag a bit.

But the top bit of this is the price – £4.99 for your Azor with a single blade and it’s the same price for a 4 pack of replacement blades. Compare that to the Gillette Fusion Stealth – £9.99 with 4 blades again costing the same. Twice the price!

Personally, I’m getting along fine with an old Gillette Sensor Excel – I can bulk buy replacement blades from Amazon (with free P&P over £15) every-so-often and it works out a bargain. None-the-less when my current blades run out I’ll seriously look at the Azor as a possible replacement – it’s a good shave and at a good price. Oh, and I love their Proshave Cooling Shaving Gel.

Update (27/08/2008):

The Azor remains sharp even after a couple of months use and I mentioned, in a follow-up comment, how it’s still so sharp I kept cutting myself on it. Anyway, I got a comment from Will King, found and SEO of King of Shaves. Of course, I was sceptical – like it was REALLY going to be him.

He said there had been a faulty batch of blades, and asked me if I’d return mine. So I emailed him, using the King of Shaves email that he supplied. And you know what? It was him.

He’s now given me a freepost address to send the cartridge (that’s the razor head) back to. In kind return, he says they’ll return 4 new ones.

Personally, I just thought it was sharp and not faulty. I’ll be interested to know if mine was a faulty one or if I’m simply prone so cutting myself – having said that I’ve had to go back to my Gillette for a while to allow my cuts to heal (the Gillette is so blunt in comparison it doesn’t really bother them).

As soon as I know anything, I’ll post back.

But, again, another great story of customer service – at this rate I’ll have positive stories than negatives. But then again, there’s always Tesco…

Update (06/09/2008):

As per his word Will King sent me, free of charge, a pack of 4 blades. And all done via Freepost.

They turned up yesterday and so I’m back to Azor. But, sorry, Will, I cut myself again this morning (grumble, grumble). Not the lip this time though. I’m sure it’s more my technique with the Azor than anything else, so I’ll stick with it and see how it goes.

Meantime… full marks to King of Shaves for getting customer service spot on. Tesco – take note!


Silly marketing slogans aside, this is a well designed and quality razor. It’s good to see some decent “new blood” (no pun intended) in the market.

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  1. Thanks for the response Will.

    I feel quite embarrassed now to admit that I’ve now put it away and gone back to my Gilette 😉 Ok, it was all for a good reason – as mentioned before that Azor blade remains damn sharp, and after cutting myself on the tip of my lip, I then managed to cut myself twice on the side of the mouth. So whilst it all heals up, I’ve returned to my a-lot-more-blunt Gilette.

  2. ah, not so good – i’d like to have a look at the cartridge, to check it’s within tolerance, and maybe tempt you back with a replacement…could you drop me a line via (write FAO will king, per blog response) and i’ll personally get it sorted. Or an email directly to me will do the trick. best, WK

  3. I love King of Shaves products and I too looked forward to trying out the Azor. I too think it’s every bit as gimmicky as its competitors and whilst the price might be inpressive they’ve missed out somewhat. Both Gillette and WS have added a single blade to their multi-blade designs for getting at awkward areas. I don’t know if they work but at least they’ve tried to solve the problem whilst KoS haven’t. Trying the shave the bit under your nose with the azor is like trying to pick your nose with a spade, it’s just so big and clumsy – sorry KoS I’ll sticl to my Gillette Sensor which is still miles better than anything else produced since.

  4. Hi All – new to here and a lifelong “heavy” shaver. Been electric shaving my chin and top lip (Remington Titanium thingy) then finishing off with a blade for years – the electric won’t cut me (blades cuts top lips and chin) but electric leave a rash on my neck and does a hopeless job so using the two is ideal!

    Anyway, always keen to have the best razor but very suspcicious of daft tech laden pointless stuff like the Fusion.

    Found the Quattro Titanium is the best so far…

    Anyway, got the Azor the other day having got rather excited by the reviews.

    Comments are:

    Does cheeks and upper chin quite well.

    Hard to accurately trim sideburns due to blade head side and angle.

    Next to useless for under the jawline – I’m quite angular/square jawed and although the “living hinge” is a good idea, it just doesn’t flex enough and the blade head is just too big and “flat” to get under properly.

    First shave was a disaster. Second was slightly better. Third was pretty awful so it’s not improving. Relying on the “flex” of the head does help but not enough.

    Going to try a few more times but I think it might end up that I stick with the Quattro Titanium.

    Nice try but that blade head size needs reducing and the “hinge” needs softening. A lot.

  5. Okay – fourth shave and I have nasty razor burn again and cut myself twice (I never cut myself any more). This is going binwards.

    A real shame – Always been fan of KoS “soft” products.

  6. I have just tried my Azor again after consigning it to the cupboard “for a rainy day”. And now I remember why I stopped using it. My skin feels raw and I have cut myself (as I do every time I use this razor), I guess mine is going to have to go “binward” also. Which is a shame as I really love the King of Shaves range. I shall return to either my Fusion or my Asda refillable razor (which to be honest isn’t far behind the fusion, and is obviously a lot cheaper to run!)

  7. Also a keen user of my old and reliable sensor excel, I find the 3 blade systems quite harsh on my skin. Bought an Azor today as the shop had run out of excel cartridges. I also hate the ludicrous soundbites and marketing spiel on the back of the package. Bought it because I like their gels and it was cheaper than the OTT new gilette range. Hope to post back with the results

  8. I’m sorry to say that this is an utterly useless razor. Quite the worst I’ve ever used. I bought it as I was fed up with paying huge sums for Gillette blades – but after this I will happily pay for them.

    It doesn’t give even a passable shave. I found that it simply misses huge areas – especially around the jawline. It takes three shaves to achieve a reasonable result, by which time my face is stinging and red.

    And I don’t care what the blades are supposedly covered in – I’ve found they are blunt after two uses.

    I would ask for my money back but I’ve thrown away the receipt.

  9. As much as I like KOS stuff, they have a nasty habit of discontinuing a line (XCD defender,Holiday size wallet, among a few)
    I wonder how long this will be in the shops ?
    They have some great stuff, but its not featured very highly in any of the shops I visit (boots, Tesco, Sainbury, even the local chemist)
    They dont have a very big selection, compared to other brands
    I wouldnt have bought this razor, it was a gift with FHM, it gave a decent enough shave, but what razor doesnt, my G11 gives me a prettty good shave and I swtill use it
    Maybe if KOS (and Will) could sort out some of the stuff they stop selling, I would use and buy more
    Its VERY frustrating when you find a product that you like and use, then go back on the website and find its deleted, I know that if I find a product from Gillete and Wilkinson, it will still be there in 5 years time, unllike the KOS stuff (which is lucky oif if it lasts a year)
    And Will you can bang on about product development and improvements, but lets keep stuff on the shelf for a bit longer, or even on the website
    I’m not that far from you anyway, but have never visited
    Still I’m only a customer, my opinion dont really count much, there are plenty of others who are happy with the few products you stock and sell, if you cant supply, and keep discontinuing prioducts, others will fill the gap and if they have the product I want, I’ll buy it (I used to have a lot of product loyalty, but after you started deleting and discontinuing products, its gone out of the window)

  10. Hi, I think Azor has a thick black piece of rubber (which is attached to the handle part of the razor, and is therefore not changeable with the blades) and this catches.

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