Star Wars : The Clone Wars

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The film only came out yesterday and I’m disappointed that there were so few at the cinema. It’s really quite good.

Ok, this is an animated film set during the Clone Wars somewhere between Episode 2 and Episode 3. The animation was excellent – everything looked as if it was carved in wood and hand-painted. The voice talents, many of whom weren’t the original actors, were also very good.

My daughter, who went with me, particularly liked the plot which was clear and non-convoluted.

The music… well, it wasn’t John Williams.

This film is leading onto a TV series which I’ll eagerly await. Certainly if you’re a Star Wars fan, then this film is recommended.

I went to see this as the new Showcase De Lux in Derby. The tickets were the same price as at my “normal” Showcase but the theatre was a lot newer – and it showed. The picture was crisp and the sound a lot better (the bass didn’t distort, for instance, at the end of the Dolby intro). The seats are lovely and padded, there is lots of leg room and the whole theatre is black (walls, ceilings, etc) leading to a darker, and better, image projection.

Recommended? If it wasn’t for the inconvenient and costly parking, then yes. If you can park elsewhere or later in the day (when it’s just £1.50), then yes.

[review]As a child friendly animated Star Wars it’s pretty good. The animation is well done, it’s just a shame about the music and some of the voice talents. The storyline isn’t brilliant, but we hardly expect Pride and Prejudice with Star Wars, do we?[/review]
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