The Dark Knight

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Ok, I don’t know why but I struggle when trying to write film reviews. Software I can do. Films I can’t.

None-the-less, I went to see The Dark Knight a few, erm, nights ago. In a nutshell – very, very good. The story was great, the effects second-to-none. There are lots of unexpected twists (3 bad guys in this movie, any one?) and, although long, it’s appropriate – you certainly don’t get bored!

One thing – I hate the strange voice that Batman has (as Batman, in preference to Bruce Wayne).

BTW, this is my first blog entry written on my wife’s Asus Eee PC. They’re right – the keyboard isn’t designed for lengthy writing!!

[review]Brilliant effects and a complex and involving story. I didn’t think Heath Ledger was as brilliant as many make out and Batman’s voice is irritating. Otherwise, recommended.[/review]

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