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Back on the 22nd August I set out on the promotional trail, advertising the fact that +Extract is now available on the Copy+ site.

A lot of our traffic comes from popular technology forums, so I put together some post text and went around letting them know. I was upfront – said I was from the site and I just wanted to let them know about it. These sites were targeted because I know the forum users come to our site already and have discussed it before. So they know about us.

All went well until I got to AVForums. Well, I got there. Dropped my post and moved on. The next thing I know I’ve got an email titled “Your Recent Spam Attack on AVForums has been thwarted”. And it’s a big email beginning with…

Your recent posts on the AV Forums have been classified as spam and deleted. Your account at the AV Forums has also been banned.

Your details are kept on file and should you attempt to re-register and spam us again, we will remove your posts with a similar degree of ease.  Possibly before you have chance to post.  And repeated spam attacks will result in your IP address being banned, too.

And so on. Pretty hard hitting stuff all things considered.

So not only has the post gone but my personal account with the forum has gone too.

I’ve emailed them (although even this was difficult as it wouldn’t let me back on the site, and didn’t present me with an option to sign out – in the end I went to the site using a different browser) stating that I won’t do it again, but have asked for confirmation on how I can possibly talk about the software in future without this happening again.

About 30 hours later and I’d not had a response. By this time I’d signed up under a different name (they do state in the email that they’ll only ban me for this if I sign up again and spam again) so I post to their “Admin” section of the board asking for confirmation of what I should do in the future.

Within minutes I get the following response…

You were banned by the administrator for spamming the site.

You are now banned again for re-registering.

Now, hold on, this isn’t against the rules. There is a rule saying you shouldn’t be registered twice – I’m not as the first one was banned.

It’s just frustrating that they don’t have the decency to just talk to me about it, which they still haven’t. Yes, I know it’s their board and their rules. Equally, I was about to add links to their forum on our site, but not when they have a stinking attitude like this. As I’ve said before Copy+ is provided free of charge and we need promotion from forums such as this to make it worthwhile.

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  1. 8 months later and I’ve never heard anything back from the site.

    However, today, someone with a BIG grudge against the AVForum site attempted to leave a comment against this post entry. It pretty much sprung every single filter I have set up so, thankfully, didn’t reach the site. AVForums has SERIOUSLY annoyed someone.

    Having said that, a little research shows that we’re not the only ones. Ok, it’s their site and they can do whatever they want, but provoking such strong feeling is really only going to cause bad feedback. Certainly I wouldn’t suggest using the forum.

  2. Just been permanently banned after 7 years because a mod trilled me and I responded.
    Then it escalated. There are insults to me on there and won’t remove them.
    It has all gone downhill over the past year or two there

    1. And Stephen got a response in the end…

      Didn’t get your previous email.
      Have deleted both threads as you requested.
      Please never visit AVForums again.

      Kind regards
      Stuart Wright, Director, M2N Limited

      A nice way to do business.

      “Director, M2N Limited” appears quite a grand title. Sadly, it appears that M2N Limited create AVForums and, well, that’s about it. That pluralisation in their tagline of “Building commercial websites since 1997” might therefore be a bit optimistic.

      Maybe that’s because the link from the M2N site to contact Stuart doesn’t work? I don’t know, it’s just a minor issue.

      Anyway, if anyone feel aggrieved by AVForums, they now have a Facebook page and a Twitter account! Although I suspect they’ll block you at the drop of a hat on that too 😉

  3. Having had a bit of a trawl of the internet, it would appear that people getting banned from AVForums is quite a regular thing. Particularly if you disagree with them.

    I got banned from AV Forums for posting my doubts about ‘man made Global Warming’ in their climate change section. They absolutely do not allow anyone to criticise or question the theory.

    If you don’t agree..BANNED!


    I’ve also been banned from AV Forums, but for suggesting that a trade was against their own rules. Strangely the guy who was competing with me for the item was one of their moderators……


    Or how about, from their own Facebook page…

    I’m an ex-member now…the admininazi’s banned me permanently haha

    I’m not majorly bothered though, the place has gone to hell in the last few years with those power-hungry nutters always breathing down your neck.

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