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I was going to append this to the bottom of my recent review but, in the end, I thought this deserved its own post.

As I mentioned in my review of TotalEdit, I’ve been feeding back to the author during the beta stage of this new release. However, even after it came “out of” beta and I reviewed it, I continued with some feedback. All of which the author has taken on board and now, with release 5.0.6 out, now fixed.

Fixes of mine that he’s fixed include…

  • Opening files from Windows Explorer now works when remembered files are being opened too.
  • The menu has been updated so that the File Explorer control can be updated with no documents are open.
  • Shortcuts can now be assigned to external tools.  Use the Customize menu and the Tools tab to assign a control.
  • Re-enable the icons of external tools on the menu

None of which is a small change and I’m very grateful for him to make them – now I can assign shortcuts to those customised commands I’ve added to the menu (launch page with Firefox, for example) and clicking on a file that launches TotalEdit will now open the files as well as just the application.

Oh, and that point 2 was that if you didn’t have any open files the option to update the file explorer list wasn’t available – there were ways around this, but it didn’t make sense that all the controls for modifying the look and feel of the application couldn’t be used at this point.

Anyway, all fixed and it makes TotalEdit even better in my eyes.

Well done James – and superb customer service.

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